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Billie McBride

Billie McBride is "one of the Charter members Girls Rodeo Association, (now Women's Professional Rodeo Association) that began at the St. Angelus Hotel in San Angelo, TX on February 28, 1948". McBride is featured in our Black Tie Cowboy due to her grit and determination to see women's sports represented on a scale that hadn't been seen until that point, and helped organize the meeting in Downtown San Angelo. Her legacy is now part of the Black Tie Cowboy Artscape on S. Chadbourne.

Billie McBride was a barrel racer and her accolades speak volumes to her dedication to rodeos all over. She was inducted into the WPRA Hall of Fame in 2018 a year after her passing. To learn more about her life and legacy visit

Billie McBride, is pictured on her horse barrel racing and can be seen on the corner of S. Chadbourne and Concho St. Her photograph is courtesy of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Billie McBride Barrel Race. DeVere Helfrich, 1957, safety film negative. DeVere Helfrich Rodeo Photographs, Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. 81.023.12111.

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