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Welcome to Art In Uncommon Places

NEWS - AIUP Firetruck Vandalized

Art in Uncommon Places (AIUP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in August 2006 by retired art teachers. Julie Raymond and Joy Thomas lead the creative vision for the public art. AIUP’s 6,000 sqft headquarters is located in the Cultural Art District of San Angelo, Texas. 

Since its founding, AIUP has played an integral role in the development of underserved, urban communities with highly-visible art installations. To this day, AIUP has collaborated with an overwhelming amount of local artists, volunteers, businesses, city officials and community members to produce and donate over 100 prominent art features throughout San Angelo and the Concho Valley. 

AIUP is known for its eccentric and creative style, pairing the most uncommon and unusual material, people, and geography together.

Our Mission

To create inspiring, prominent and lasting works of art to gift to the city of San Angelo for all to enjoy and utilize, particularly those who are under served, by displaying works in unique and uncommon places throughout the city.

Our Goal

To strengthen community ties by enhancing the visual presence of public art in San Angelo and the Concho Valley, thus continuing to brand us as a creative city.

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